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African society

Have you herd about the ancient african stories about how the community used to operate?

African pots

Did you know africans used clay to make pots that were used to prepare their meals and lasted for long time?

African foods

African most popular food that you did not know, and wh are they common in african societies

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Afro Motivate is a dynamic company that celebrates African culture and inspires individuals to embrace its richness.

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Community Bonding Through Traditional Food Practices in Africa

community favorites

Africans had Food stores before

Grainaries, or granaries, are traditional food storage structures commonly found in various African cultures.

foods stored in the granaries

Granaries traditionally store a wide variety of foods in African cultures, including grains like millet, maize, sorghum, and rice.

What Type of activity is this?

Pounding local foods is a common practice in African society, using mortar and pestle to process ingredients for cooking and consumption.

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Through engaging talks and interactive sessions, we motivate people to explore the diverse traditions, music, art, cuisine, and languages that define Africa.

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